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Top 25 Interview Questions Of Excel vba-JBK IT Technologies

Sure, here’s a list of the top 25 interview questions and answers related to Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications): 1. What is VBA?VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It’s a programming language developed by Microsoft to automate tasks in Microsoft Office applications, including Excel. 2. What is a macro in Excel?A macro is […]

Shortcut Keys Of Microsoft Excel-JBK IT Technologies

Here are some of the most common shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel: Here are some other shortcut keys that you may find useful: You can find a complete list of shortcut keys in Excel by pressing Alt and then hovering your mouse over the different commands on the ribbon. The shortcut key for that command […]

Recent Trends In Advance Excel

Certainly! Here are some recent trends in advanced Excel: These are some of the recent trends in advanced Excel that are making data analysis and reporting more efficient, interactive, and accessible to a wider range of users.