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The career hierarchy of a Python developer typically includes the following levels:

  1. Junior Python Developer: Entry-level position, responsible for basic Python programming tasks and assisting senior developers.
  2. Python Developer: Proficient in Python programming, capable of developing and maintaining Python applications independently.
  3. Senior Python Developer: Experienced developer with advanced knowledge of Python, responsible for leading projects, mentoring junior developers, and implementing complex solutions.
  4. Python Team Lead: Leads a team of Python developers, coordinates project activities, and ensures the successful delivery of Python-based projects.
  5. Python Architect: Designs and implements high-level Python solutions, defines project architecture, and provides technical guidance to the development team.
  6. Python Technical Lead/Manager: Oversees multiple Python projects, manages the team, makes strategic decisions, and ensures alignment with organizational goals.
  7. Python Consultant: Provides expert advice and solutions for Python-related challenges, collaborates with clients to implement Python-based systems, and offers guidance on best practices.
  8. Python Solution Architect: Designs end-to-end solutions involving Python, integrates Python with other technologies, and develops strategies for system scalability and performance optimization.
  9. Python Researcher: Conducts research and development in Python, explores emerging technologies, and contributes to the Python community through publications and open-source projects.

Please note that the specific job titles and career progression may vary across companies and industries, but this hierarchy provides a general idea of the growth opportunities for Python developers.

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