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LinkedIn unveils AI-powered tool that can create optimized ads in minutes

LinkedIn has introduced an AI-powered tool designed to expedite the creation of optimized advertisements. This tool streamlines the ad creation process, allowing users to generate effective ads within a matter of minutes. LinkedIn’s AI-Powered Ad Creation Tool LinkedIn’s new AI-driven ad creation tool represents a significant step forward in the world of digital advertising. Leveraging […]

Top 25 Interview Questions Of c++ -JBK IT Technologies

Certainly! Here are 25 common C++ interview questions, along with brief explanations: These questions cover a range of C++ topics commonly discussed in interviews. Be sure to prepare thoroughly and understand the concepts behind these questions.

Interview Questions Of Java Fullstack-JBK IT Technologies

Best java Fullstack Training Institute In Hyderabad

Java Fullstack Here are some interview questions and answers for Java full-stack developers: Full-stack development is the ability to develop both the front-end and back-end of a web application. This means that a full-stack developer can work with both HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front-end, and Java, Spring Boot, or Node.js on the back-end. […]